insignia_07Feb2017.pngInsignia Custom Smile Design uses digital impressions from an intra-oral scanner to create a precise 3D virtual model. Utilizing Dr. Davis’s treatment plan, combined with proprietary algorithms, the Insignia Software designs a personalized orthodontic treatment plan for each patient that can allow for more efficient treatment resulting in quicker treatment.

Insignia allows Dr. Davis to use his artistic and clinical perspective to manipulating tooth position on the screen and ultimately visualize the ideal finish. Once the final outcome is designed, each bracket, archwire and placement guide is customized to work in conjunction with your treatment plan to drive to the end result.

Insignia, along with the Damon System, offers customized solutions infused with advanced quality engineering from start to finish. Insignia allows each patient’s individual needs to be addressed increasing the productivity of the treatment which will reduce your treatment time by almost a third!