Facial Pain & Headaches


Columbia Headache Center 

Do you suffer from chronic migraines and headaches? Do you have long term TMJ pain that causes your jaws to lock up? Most of the time this is due to muscle tension in the head and neck. Davis Orthodontics has a therapy that will help relieve these symptoms and get you back to living life on your own terms.

With the TruDenta system, Dr. Davis will help revitalize your facial muscles by reducing your stress, relieving the tension of tired muscles and looking at your dental alignment to make adjustments that will even the pressures of your bite. This is a non-pharmacological, no-shots treatment that uses ultrasound, muscle stimulation and cold laser treatment to reduce the inflammatory response that result in tension headaches and chronic migraines.

Columbia Headache Center, a subsidiary of Davis Orthodontics, is the place to start living pain-free. For more information, please follow this link to ColumbiaHeadacheCenter.com.